Monday 12 July 2021

Confessions of a quilting Circle by Masey Yates Review

It has been a while since I have read a novel by Masey Yates, and Confessions of a Quilting Circle didn't disappoint. After the death of Addie, her grandchildren and daughter return to Bear Creek. The book drew me in straight away, as I wondered what would happen to the two properties they had inherited, and would any secrets be revealed.  I found the changing view points a distraction at first, yet as the story progressed i got used to it. With Lark, Avery, Hannah and Mary all telling you secrets some of which touched me so much i cried whilst reading the book, it takes a lot for a novel to achieve that.

In the loft Finding a quilt plan the family decided to make it and in doing so they bring the broken family together, I found myself at the end of the book wanting a sequel so we can catch up with Lark, et al. 
The tensions are felt with the sisters but are healed by the end of the book we are left happy and content. I would give the book 4 stars, it is only the jarring pov changes which you have to get used to, and unfortunately pull you out of the story at times. 

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Loot and I'm With The Band by Barry Faulkner Review

Having read several Barry Faulkners self published DCS Palmer series, I have to say that Loot is my favourite case out of his nine cases. DCS Palmer and his sidekick DS Gheeta Sing are on the trial of some stolen Nazi gold. We're taken out of DCS Palmer's native London to Gloucester and then to the seaside. The gold changes several times and the body count rises. Why does an MP want the gold? There are so many twists and turns to this particular story, I love history and crime so this case gives me the two things that make me happy.

The body count mounts up and an old adversary from Palmers past arrives to cause havoc. 

Barry writes great murder thrillers and the books are available in a duel case like this book or as individual case's. These are self published all the cases are well thought out, i do like some cases better than others. Perhaps you will prefer I'm with the Band featuring a 70's rock band. Very popular even today so DCS Palmer has to wonder why the band members are being killed off. 

The killer is comfortable in cyber space a place that Palmer isn't but his partner Gheeta Singh was born into the computer world and brought into his team for her computer skills. Every story is full of twist and turns, a fast paced ending that Barry does so well. 

Loot gets 5/5 
I'm with the Band gets 4/5

Sunday 10 November 2019

Abbey Clancy I'll Be Home For Christmas Review

Abbey Clancy is a new author to me and I received a review copy of I'll Be Home For Christmas from the publisher. Christmas doesn't feature much in the novel but it didn't ruin my enjoyment of the book. 

Jessika a down to earth girl from Liverpool sets up her own record label with her friend. After a song she sings with her ex-boyfriend reaches number 1 she is asked to do a tour of America. I love variation of characters which gelled together to make a really funny story. 

We are taken on a rollercoaster ride as from a stable relationship both her and her boyfriend have temptation thrown into their path. Our biggest question is can Jessika and Daniel survive or will their relationship fall apart. 

For a lot of the novel i did wonder if Jessika was in the right relationship but I was happy with the way it ended. I don't want to give away spoilers, but if you like festive stories and ones with star struck lovers, you will enjoy this. I gave Abbey Clancy's I'll be Home for Christmas 4 stars. 

Thursday 6 December 2018


This review is up a little later than it should be, but A Wonderful Night isn't all mistletoe, wine and the sugar plum fairy. It deals with a hard hitting subject mental illness which isn't an easy subject to get right and for the author to come across as sympathetic, not as a plot tool. Jamie Admans does justice to the illness and brings a focus to the illness.
My heart went out to the hero Leo and I found myself crying and feeling his pain, sadness I just wanted to give him a big hug and say that there is someone he can lean on.
Oakbarrow will remind many people of perhaps their own town, where lots of independent shops have closed down, people struggling to make a living or just getting by day to day.
There are so many themes running through the book but all woven seamlessly together but none over the power the other. I did laugh several times at Georgia's antics which could have quite easily blown up in her face.

If there is one book you read this year or even next makes sure It's A Wonderful Night, you won't be disappointed.

One night will change their lives forever…

Georgia Bailey is closing up her little charity shop in Oakbarrow when she gets a mysterious late night call from a stranger, threatening to jump off the town’s bridge.
Something about the man’s voice is faintly familiar but all she can do is stay on the line and, after talking for hours and losing sense of time passing, coax him back from the edge.
The next morning, Georgia walks to work, buys a festive latte from Leo (who she’s had a crush on for months!) at the local coffee shop, and is shocked when she suddenly recognizes the voice from last night…

A heartwarming festive love story that reminds us that even in the darkest of times, hope is always just around the corner!

Jaimie is a 32-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, watching horror movies, and drinking tea, although she’s seriously considering marrying her coffee machine. She loves autumn and winter, and singing songs from musicals despite the fact she’s got the voice of a dying hyena. She hates spiders, hot weather, and cheese & onion crisps. She spends far too much time on Twitter and owns too many pairs of boots.
She will never have time to read all the books she wants to read.
She is the author of chick-lit romantic comedies The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters, The Little Wedding Island, It’s a Wonderful Night, and Kismetology, and she has also written young-adult romantic comedies Afterlife Academy, Not Pretty Enough, and North Pole Reform School.

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Thursday 25 January 2018


Girl Targeted is the first book I have read by Val Collins. This story does have an issue with jumping 

around a little too much, if you can keep up then I believe you will enjoy it.  There are numerous 

suspects for our  heroine Aofie a investigative journalist. A murder at the charity where she works 

part time has her trying to find the killer. 

All the characters from Rachel to Gavin are well crafted and all as utterly flawed as the next.  It was 

nice to read a story set in Ireland as i haven't read that many. It was a fast paced novel and perhaps 

that is why it did jump a little. I read it in one sitting and found myself lost in the novel.

So many false leads in this novel and it will keep you guessing until the end. 

The hubby and mother in law are a strange pair and a number of times i would have loved to lock 

them in a cellar.

Are secrets really worth murdering for?  If you like psychological thrillers then this book is worth a 


Tuesday 23 January 2018


Discovering the Woodsman is the first book in a trilogy by author N. M. Brott. The language is rather

old fashioned and reads like a 19th Century Novel and yet it does have a certain charm being a fairy

story. Our Tale  starts where we are introduced to Heather the heroine and a description of the

cottage being at the edge of a forest. This reminded me of the Little Red Riding Hood Fairy tale.

Her Best Friend is Princess Malva.

Heather has a great liking for Woodcutters and although as a lady she was destined to be a

nobleman's wife she longed to belong to the woodcutters of her childhood tales.

Meeting Japser in the forest Heather falls in love but he isn't the type of man she should marry. I

don't want to give too much away and ruin the ending for people. It's a fairly pacey novel so and the

pace moves fairly quickly. The story does draw you in and you do want to know how it ended.

If you don't like the old fashioned style of writing then this book probably won't be for you but if you

love a good romance tale and a young girls hopes and dreams then you will enjoy the tale.

I would read the other books in the trilogy and to see what Heather gets up too.

I'd give it 4/5 stars

Tuesday 3 October 2017


The​ ​Body​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Marsh
                          By ​ Nick​ ​ Louth​      

                                                                    ebook ​ |​ ​ Release​ ​ Date:​  25​ th​  ​September ​ 2017​
                                                                                                           Special ​ launch​ ​ price​ ​ of​ ​ £1.99​       
                                                                                                                     ISBN ​ 9781911591771​ 


An incredible twist to leave you breathless… 
When a woman goes missing, it gets personal for DCI Craig Gillard. But he could never imagine​ what​ happens next.​             
   Criminologist Martin Knight lives a gilded life​ and is a thorn​  in the​​ side of the​ ​  ​police.  But​ then his wife Liz goes missing. There is no good explanation and no sign of Martin… To make things worse, Liz is the ex-girlfriend of DCI Craig Gillard who is ​ ​drawn intothe  investigation. Is it just a missing person or something worse? And​  what​   relevance​  do  the​  events around the shocking Girl F case, so taken up by Knight, have​ to​ do​ with ​the  present?​              
The truth is darker than you could ever have imagined.  
Utterly gripping and full of twists, this ​ ​is a compulsive thriller​  from​ master​ Nick​   Louth for fans​  of​  Robert​ Bryndza,​  Patricia ​​Gubney and Carole​​ Wyer.  

About the Author

Nick Louth is a best-selling​ thriller writer, award-winning​  financial​ journalist​  and​ an​                investment commentator. Best-selling author of Bite which was self-published in 2007 and went on​  to​ become​ ​ the​ UK​ No.1 Kindle best-seller​ ​​for several​ weeks in 2014. ​​Freelance since 1998, he has been a regular contributor ​​to the Financial Times, Investors​​ Chronicle and Money​ ​ Observer, and has published eight other books. Nick Louth is ​​married and lives in Lincolnshire.​     

Martin becomes the prime suspect when his wife Liz a history teacher goes missing. Some people would be happy that the ex has vanished from their lives but for D.C.I Craig Dillard Liz was the love of his life. He will move heaven and earth trying to find her. 
Nick has created a superb crime novel with so many twists and turns. It is atmospheric and you meet the main characters straight away. Some may think it is strange that someone still has feelings for an ex girlfriend but your first real love's are hard to forget. 
All the evidence points to the husband having done away with his wife for some nefarious reason of his own. How much do the missing woman and the child f case have to do with each other coincidence or is there more to it? 
If you are looking for a crime thriller with twists and turns and is in my opinion as good as Ian Rankin's Rebus you have to try Body in the Marsh.