Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Stitchy Box Review

This is my personal opinion of Stitchy Box after seeing several people on floss tube purchasing stitchy box. I decided that i would buy one. So I signed up to the Christmas box and the four special ones next year Valentines Day, Patriotic box Halloween and Christmas. I did this before I had received my first box.

The price of the box is $40 dollars or £32 it was a bit expensive but I waited for quite a while before my items to arrive in the UK.

Big Picture Box is for those who prefer lower counts of fabric. You can choose 1 Fat 8th or 2 Fat 16ths from the following: 14-16 count Aida, 28-32 count linen, or 28-32 count evenweave.

I received two small pieces of fabric worth about £2.99 each

^ Skeins of thread worth around £7.50

Two small charms worth £2

and some sort of other thread about £1.50

Items total £16.94

The postage on this cost me £15.02 extremely expensive even if it did come from the USA.

I wasn't impressed with the items I received because I knew I could have bought everything in it for less money.

I am all for using your own imagination and putting various items together to make something new. But this was definitely not worth it in my opinion.

When I tried getting a refund on the unsent Christmas Box and the Next year's Boxes and a normal stitchy box It was extremely hard as the site only gives you 48 hrs to get a refund. This is all very well but as it took two months to get the initial box then it is impossible to know that you like or don't like them based on others opinions only. Until you see it for yourself.

I have received a refund for the large boxes but for the normal stitchy box I haven't apparently it has been sent but my bank has no record of such a refund coming back to my card and it would have shown up by now.

In a way it has been a lesson not to be swayed by others opinions on stitching things and I had to see it for myself to know I didn't like it and it wasn't worth what I paid out for it,

You will have to make your own mind up, just because I don't like it doesn't mean you won't. I will also be careful of anything which charges extortionate postage cost when it cost about $7 to post to me in the U.K