Friday, 4 April 2014

OOPs Did I Blacken my Name?

Well one thing you don't do after reading a rejection feedback email, is pen an email to the publisher and tell them you give up.

But that is exactly what i had done, has it made me look bad with them? maybe, only time will tell.

I've had the week from hell this week Taz (our car) needed a new head casket meaning all my hard work saving for this years conference has gone and I can no longer go unless a miracle happens. Gutted isn't the word but it is the only polite one, I'd even promised myself I would talk to more people and not hide away. "Say's the person who's vocal on the internet." but i'm really shy with strangers in real life,

Then a phone call from the hospital saying my hubbies Iron Infusion had failed, that's nothing I hear you ask. Unfortunately it is because the worst case scenario is that his organs will start shutting down. With a B12 count of only 9 instead of 200-500ml. So an emergency appointment was made for this morning for yet another one and two more appointments next week. All this came from a perforated bowel that they only just got to in time and fixed.

Usually I cope with my hubby's illness much better than this but every now and then i loose the plot. Not a good thing for a wanna be author trying to impress publishers. I hope they understand and let me off.

Having publishers on twitter and facebook is a good thing they get to know you. It can also work against you especially when you turn round and say your thinking of pulling two manuscripts for no other reason than having a bad week.

I'd like to be with the publisher I emailed and told I'm giving up and another one who had given me revisions which i had sent back. All my Christmas's would come at once if that was the case.  I don't know if I have ruined my chances, maybe they will understand everyone has bad times in their lives. Just my bad times are all coming at once, the only good thing this week is my youngest son will be in a room on his own with two readers, for when he takes his college exams.

But as Scarlet O'Hara said "Tomorrow is another day." So I will see what tomorrow brings hopefully it will be better.

 To the two publishers if you read this, I'm really sorry xx