Wednesday, 9 October 2013


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This is my blurb(synopsis) from the back of the book:
What if your loved ones kept ending up hurt, in danger, or even dead?
After Randie Duncan’s brother is killed in a suspicious industrial accident, leaving behind a pregnant fiancée, Randie leaves her dream life in NYC and comes home to Cullville, WA to mourn and heal with her sister, but has no intention of staying there permanently. 
Following a painful break-up, Joe Baxter guards his heart carefully, but when well meaning friends match him up with Randie, he can’t fight his immediate attraction to her. As they grow closer, Randie finds herself debating the idea of returning to NYC, but Joe isn’t the only one who finds her magnetic. When a suspected stalker attacks her, things heat up. Joe believes the attacker may be the town’s troublemaker and mill owner’s son, Jared, who is paying too much attention to his late friend’s fiancée, but will he be able to prove it before someone else gets hurt?

This is my excerpt 
Jumping out of his seat Joe interrupted Roger. “They don’t care Roger, they like to do things the way they think things need to be done. They’re impatient.” Everyone watched Joe in shock, as he seemed to storm away from the circle and walk up into Al’s home.
The door shut behind Joe as he entered Al’s home. The ladies were all sitting on the couch while the kids sat and watched a kid’s movie and ate chips. Joe turned away and walked to the fridge. Opening it, he grabbed a beer and opened it up, taking a big swig. The ladies were sitting there watching him, waiting to see what he was going to do. He shut the refrigerator door and walked back over, standing in front of the couch and finally raised his eyes to Randie. They were all sitting there in anticipation.
“Randie, would you be interested in joining me Saturday night for dinner and a movie?” Randie, looking a bit shocked, looked over at Kay who gave her a quick nod to go ahead and then looked back at Joe.
“Yeah, sure, that sounds like a great idea.” And then she smiled at Joe, who was holding his breath because he finally exhaled in relief. And then he smiled back.