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Q1 how does it feel to have your first full length novel published:

 It feels a little surreal, to be honest - whilst I know it's me who has written it, it is published under my pen name and so only a few of my nearest and dearest know it's me. I am chuffed to nuts though, to finally have it out there. I know it's not the best novel ever, but it's mine and I hope people enjoy it as a love story, pure and simple.

Q2 tell us a bit about yourself

 I live in the UK, on the south coast, and I write contemporary romance and am a fiction addict. It is not unusual to find a book open in my house – next to the bath, next to the bed, in the office, on the stairs and then there’s the e-reader, smart phone and laptop. I am mother to my son and future ex-wife to my partner. Other duties include cat lover and dog washer. 

I started writing at 15, creating my own little world where everybody went to boarding school and found true love in their teens. I've since moved on grown-up romance. No love is ever without its difficulties, but it’s the strength of that love that sees us through the good, the bad and the mornings when mascara alone just won’t cut it. I also have an alarming addiction to social media.

Q3 can we have a snippet of your book

Excerpt: Leah, shrugging on an over-sized sweater, heard the doorbell. Passing a mirror on her way downstairs, she cast a look at her appearance. Her face looked pale and drawn, and to spite herself for wasting sleep over Nathan, she hadn’t bothered to make much of an effort to cover the effects of her sleepless night.
“What a mess,” she muttered, continuing on her way, and she wasn’t just referring to her appearance. Her whole life seemed to be falling at her feet.
“Lost your key?” she asked brightly, expecting to see Louise and Pippa. 
Then she saw Nathan. Her smile disappeared and her heart began to hammer as she fought to catch her breath. Leah was standing face to face with a ghost from her past on her own front doorstep. It was something she had never planned for. Her home was the one place where she did not have to maintain her cold facade, didn’t have to worry about anyone hurting her fragile heart. And now, he was here, in her safe place. 
“I don’t suppose you’d like to ask an old friend in for a cup of coffee? It’s a bit nippy out here.”
“What are you doing here? How did you get my address?” 
She wanted to sound forceful, get rid of him, but her voice sounded weak. She was beginning to feel any fighting spirit she possessed was dissipating fast. 
“That’s not a question I usually get asked. Most people would be thrilled to have me turn up on their doorstep.”
Leah heard the narcissism in his voice, and it did not sit well with her. She remembered then why she disliked the effect fame had on people. In her eyes, any trace of humility was gone. Gone for sure was the man she had known.
“Well, I’m not most people, Nathan. I thought you would have taken the hint last night.”

Q4 have you any advice to give a new author

 Just write and sub, write and sub, you'll get knock backs, but keep at it. Don't put it off today what you'll never have time to do tomorrow.

Q5 what did you find most difficult whilst writing your novel.

ha ha ha, you as my CP will know the hardest part was finishing it after a break of many years.


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