Sunday, 25 October 2015

The beginning of Dreaming of a White Wedding

When i had finally decided that i wanted to write properly instead of doing the odd little thing here and there.  I joined a writing group here in Sheffield but unfortunately after about fifteen weeks it closed due to lack of funding. I was gutted now what did i do? There was a lot to learn about writing that i didn't know and would need to know if i was ever going to be taken seriously.

So when i discovered the Open University did a creative writing course A215, I signed up and in 2009 we had to produce a full chapter of a novel or a short story as our final piece of work. This is when what was called Twin Deception started.

Scarlet and Cressida my characters are based in part on my daughter and two of her friends identical twins. Kell would come home from school and regale us with stories of how they would trick the teachers and swap places.

My daughter Kell, loved to organise trips out or birthday parties so unbeknown to her she had helped form my story.

Within the year the story had been finished, but sat on my computer doing absolutely nothing. I did have a critique partner from across the pond who had read several of my stories and i sent this over. Unfortunately for me i was just told it was good rather than what was wrong with it. So it again sat on my computer until July when I read about the Carina Christmas in July competition I renamed it Christmas magic and sent in the first three chapters and a synopsis.

After the winner had been announced I forgot all about the contest until an email landed in my inbox offering me a contract.

I could not believe that a story i had penned six years before was going to finally see the light of day. I do hope that people will enjoy Dreaming of a White Wedding. I'm still ecstatic over what has happened. Now the hard work starts with revisions. edits and continuing my new work in progress Cookie Magic Bakery.

Love Misty x

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