Thursday, 6 October 2016


Jane Linfoot has done it again. Christmas at the little Wedding Shop Sequins and Snowflakes is the second in the series but you have no need to read the first one to be able to follow the story. I have to date read all Jane's books and this has to be my favourite. Please indulge me whilst I tell you why.

The main Character Wedding Dress designer Sera has felt like many of us have at some time or other that she doesn't fit in within the bosom of her family.
Sera unexpectedly asked to finish organising her sister's Christmas Eve Wedding. Christmas is always a really stressful time let alone trying to organise a wedding.

A lot of novels based at Christmas loose the magic of the season and it turns into just an average book.
Jane Linfoot gives us the Christmas Season just how readers want it, all the glitz and baubles and fun.

Johnny once some one Sera used to have feelings for and burying them deep, comes back into her life.  To me I could understand why Sera seemed shut off from the ability to open her heart and love again. The phrase once bitten certainly summed up Sera for me. Yet through out the circumstances and the antics during all the wedding preparation through Sera and Johnny together a lot more than she would have liked. Sera has a choice to make between two men and also grow in herself enough to learn that sometimes no matter how much you don't want to. We all have to play the adult sometimes.

If you want a book filled with the magic and spirit of the season this is a must read.


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