Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Big Little Wedding in Carlton Square Review

I haven't read any books previously from this author but loved her writing style. This book reminded me of Pretty Woman, Uber Rich Daniel falls in love with Emma. The problems start when they start to organise their wedding. His mother Phillipa wants an over the top wedding to rival one they had just been too. With Lords and ladies invited how will a working class family be able to compete with the upper classes for the wedding stakes.

Emma is determined to stick to her budget but her fiance Daniel wants to incorporate some of his mother suggestions. This causes a few arguments but weddings along with moving are the most stressful things you can do. This book was light hearted and fun, I loved the bits of cockney rhyming slang included bringing in the real East End into the book. I wasn't sure the Jack the Ripper references were necessary in a romance book but apart from this small quibble i loved this book.

Emma's dad is disabled and i can fully empathise with him wanting to be the bread winner. My husband suffers from a similar disease M.E and i couldn't help but compare the two men's attitudes. Crime Investigation tents a hearse show just how resourceful Emma has been organising a so called traditional East End wedding. Which goes down a storm with the toffs who declare it is better than the wedding in Lugano.

Even an East End flat as a wedding present from Harold, Daniels Godfather puts the icing on the cake.

Five Hearts :)

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