Thursday, 16 June 2011

Contact Lens Review

I initially saw this company on another blog. So I decided to check it out for myself. They sell contact lenses from £7.00, for a box of thirty disposable lenses. Which I thought was very reasonable.  They have many of the top brands available, at varying  prices but I opted  for the Crystal 1 Day disposable lenses.  I know that at my opticians had wanted to charge me £150 for ones you take out and clean each day. Unfortunately  these are not suitable  for me as I have too much calcium in my eyes.

I ordered them on Friday night and they arrived on Monday morning.  I believe that if I had not ordered them on a weekend, I would have received them the next day. They even included a business card in the box for telephone orders. A nice touch I thought.

I can only say that they are extremely comfortable to wear. I have worn them for the past four days and can not realistically see myself  going back to wearing glasses.

The individual packs which contain your lenses are extremely easy to open. I would highly recommend this company and their contact lenses.

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