Monday, 20 June 2011

Happy With Myself

Last week I wrote everyday and sent in five submissions in to various magazines. Hopefully something will come of it. Then yesterday it was my husbands birthday as well as fathers day, am I on my own to feel guilty for not putting pen to paper at all yesterday?
I felt as though my right arm had disappeared into the abyss, I managed to glean a couple of anecdotes from our meal out, listening to the other patrons around us.
I think my main issue is how to approach editors with article ideas and using something snappy in which they will say yes we want that article.


  1. I think we all know we should write everyday but with family & work commitments it's just not possible - so don't beat yourself up about it! I think 5 submissions in a week meant that you deserved a day off!

  2. No I totally agree it is not possible. This week I have been busy trying to get things sorted for my brother to move to Sheffield. Which has taken more time than anticipated. It hasn't left much time for writing. :(