Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The Penny Bangle is so much more than a romance, it gives the reader a glimpse of the work of women during the second world war. After being sent from Birmingham by her grandmother Cassie joins the land girls.
I laughed on page one when Cassie our 19 year old heroine dropped her underwear on the station platform and when she got hit by a bull. Finding her self in several sticky situations you are always willing her to get out of anything she finds herself. Especially when she gets drunk on Champagne whilst visiting Rob and Steve's famous sister. Then believes she has made a fool of herself.

Her fiance Rob is missing during the war and we anxiously await his fate and feel everything that Cassie is feeling, her despair and worry.  I was concerned about her Grandmother being left in Birmingham but I did not have to worry as it all turned out and she was at her Great Granddaughter's christening. 

Margaret James has produced a fast paced romance containing both sadness and laughter in equal measure. This is a must read book. I know I will be reading it again.

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