Thursday, 29 March 2012


I was given a copy of this book by Marguerite Kaye to review on the condition I write an honest review. This was the first Regency book I have read for over six months, what this book showed me was how much I had missed reading Regency after all it is my favorite history period.

It is extremely well written and as usual has Marguerite's high standard stamp attached, as is the case with all her books.

Henrietta Markham a governess for the horrid Lady Ipswich finds herself in a strange bed with the worst Rake of all time or at least that is what Henrietta assumes. 

Accused of stealing the Ipswich Emeralds Henrietta runs away and finds herself back in Rafe's company whom she turns to for help which Rafe duly gives. Ensconced for several days in the  Mouse and Vole Inn London, Henrietta is able to break down some of the walls that Rafe St Alban's has built up for the past five years.

Just not enough for him to give her the happy ending she wants or needs. Running away for a second time Rafe is left to wonder where Henrietta has gone and what she will do with little money in London.

Rafe St Alban's the Earl of Pentland is hiding emotional scares that time haven't been able to heal. When Henrietta runs away from him after declining his suggestion he is lost ever more as with each day they sent together he had been lost to her yet unable to admit it to himself.

Lady Ipswich (aka Nell Brown) finally gets her comeuppance  and packs herself off to the continent.

Rafe is your typical brooding alpha male and Henrietta a feisty heroine that is not afraid of speaking her mind or to standing up to the notorious rake.

The book cover to exudes all the regency splendor, 'The Rake with a Frozen Heart'  is a great read and I couldn't put it down, a real page turner.

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