Monday, 4 June 2012


This is the second book in the Order of the Blade series by Stephanie Rowe. Darkness Seduced   is a fast paced novel with many twists and turns, making it another real page turner. Lily Davenport is the heroine of this book, unfortunately for her her mate is non other than a Calydon warrior. She is an expert on everything to do with the Calydon Warriors and so we feel a tad sorry for her but only for a few minutes that her happily ever after is with a clan she hates.

Lily is a strong heroine although she has been very much a victim and now is determined to put all that behind her. Gideon is finding it hard to put his past mistakes behind him.

Lily takes Gideon on a path of self discovery as she herself discovers the burning passion she holds for  him, their bonding ritual is hot enough to burn the pages of the book.

Looking forward to the third book in the trilogy.

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