Friday, 1 June 2012


To Turn Full Circle is the first book in a trilogy by debut author Linda Mitchelmore.  Based in 1900’s Devon our heroine Emma Le Geoff life takes a turn for the worse when she loses both her mother and brother. Her father had died sometime previous to the story. Her mother’s landlord makes her homeless and she now has to make her own way in the world.  Not easy for a young girl of sixteen when the rumour mongers have got you in their sights.
Linda has done her homework in regards to the historical facts of the time. She shows us the beautiful fishing village but does not burden with unnecessary details. What a great opening debut and I am eagerly awaiting the other books in this trilogy.
Emma’s friend Seth tries  to help but he is the landlords son enter stage left the new fisherman in town Mathew Chaunter who takes Emma under is wing but in doing so causes more complications for the young girl.

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