Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spellbound and seduced review

I had this on pre order and as soon as it came devoured it. I loved the whole atmosphere, just perfect for the time of year. Jura Mcnair is a witch and has been cursed by a great grandmother as have all the Mcnair women previously that the man they fall in love with will die. She is a lonely witch who does tricks for the children of the village. This I believe gives her some comfort. Helping her neigbours when they fall ill gives Jura something to live for.
Until Laurence Connaught rides into her life and turns her world upside down and inside out. She tells him of the curse after they spend several days loving each other and lets him ride off into the sunset rather than risk loosing him to the curse. But true love will break the curse.

Margurite got me again with this story, where i was shouting at my kindle. I had thought the curse had claimed Laurence but he gets to live with Jura and his child with the curse broken.

Another great story from the pen of Margurite Kaye:)

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