Thursday, 12 July 2012


'How the Playboy Got Serious' is the second installment of the McKenna Trilogy,
I have got to say that I loved this book from the get go. Riley McKenna is the youngest sibling of the three brothers. He drifts from girlfriend to girlfriend and only does the minimum am amount of work he possibly can and still gets a paycheck at the end of it. Until his Grandmother who owns Mckenna Media and his employer. 
By sacking him it makes him finally stand on his own two feet. I laughed out loud where he is being told off by his grandma and he takes it without argument. Paying rent and finding his own employment which he does at the Morning Glory diner. Frank one of the owners of the Diner believes Riley to be a good person. He has a harder job convincing Stace the second owner and his love interest.
He helps Stace repair her house and Riley lets her stay at his home whilst her damaged roof is repaired. Giving him chance to get to know her better but each time either get close to the other one they both back away.
Jeremy's mother abandoned him Stace is angry that her sister has just left her soon and entrusted him into the her care. Unbeknown to Jeremy or Stace Lisa has gone into rehab to get clean so she can be a better mother to her son.
From start to finish this book was an enthralling read. I loved the hero from page one and Stace and her nephew Jeremy could both make you laugh and cry.

5 out of 5

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