Sunday, 1 July 2012


I found 'One Day to Find a Husband' hard to get into initially as the hero Finn Mckenna was really hard to accept as a hero, he seemed much to business like and not very likeable.  How wrong can first impressions be, Finn turned out to be a well rounded character who had shut himself off from the world of Love due to heartbreak. Something I am sure many can relate. His business is in serious trouble and agrees to enter a marriage of convenience in order to get on board with WW CEO Ellie. She gets to adopt a child from a Chinese orphanage and Finn would get his business on track.

Without a husband Ellie can not pass the stringent adoption process, it made me wonder if my parents had to go through a similar thing when they adopted my brother then a few years later me. The marriage of inconvenience works and both get what they want. But they go back to being the people they both were at the start. Yet why is it they still feel so sad and empty without the other.

I will let you all wonder how it ends and if they get together. Some people may take to Finn straight away others may want to hit him with his briefcase, but believe me you want to give Finn a chance.

4 out of 5 stars

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