Thursday, 5 June 2014


When you have created and published a novel either indie or with a publisher, you want to create a buzz for your work. The internet has created a huge outlet for you to get your book out there and seen by millions of readers.

There are several ways of doing a blog tour:

Pay a marketing company to set this up for you.

Your publisher could set this up as part of their marketing strategy.

Or you do it yourself by approaching bloggers.

Getting to know which bloggers will read your novel and give an honest and open review is essential. Not everyone will like the same sort of genre's or want to review your novel. As most people are on facebook and other social media sites, this task becomes easy to do. So many people do blog tours you can click on their links and see how that blogger has reviewed the authors work, what sort of question and answer session they have done. Have they included links to the authors website, twitter, facebook accounts and buy links for their book.

Follow the bloggers for a while.

Comment on their posts even if it isn't about novel's. Get to know what makes the blogger tick, is this someone you feel you can work with?

Does the blogger have a twitter account you can follow, what sort of tweets do they put up. 140 characters isn't much but will still give you a really good idea of their interests.

Promote their blogs on your social media accounts, If you have a favourite post of theirs promote it. Has a post you have read sparked your own thoughts? Write your own  post with link to their blog in it. Promote their work more than yours. "Quid pro quo" something for something.

Email them having a discussion about something on their blog or just a general chat about everyday things. Ask them to review your book and do a blog post on it most people will be happy too.

Obviously if their blog is filled with Horror genre reviews, they probably wont review a romantic work of fiction. If they read many genre's they will. Research is the key to both a good re pour with a blogger and success of your own blog tour.

If the blogger has you on the blog tour converse with people that leave comments. Don't just assume that the q and a session or which ever subject you have discussed is the end of your participation. If you do then your tour could fail if people see you are not as in touch with your readers as you should be.

Facebook is another good place to see the bloggers and personal pictures. It helps you get to know them much better if you know what they like don't like, do you have common interests which could spark a blog debate (nicely)

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