Sunday, 1 June 2014


The Awakening of Poppy Edwards, is the second in Marguerite Kaye's 1920's undone series.

Poppy travelled to the USA after the act with her sister broke up. Now a star on Broadway and in film. She is scared of rejection and of falling in Love the loss of her sister has been a huge burden on her. This is the reason that she has a keep their distance attitude with men. They are alright for a bit of fun but she is unable to handle anything serious.

Meeting Lewis after her act they spend one night together before she decides to up and leave. Never looking back she didn’t do that. When Lewis shows up in his business hat as the famous broadway producer Lewis Cartsdye Poppy is horrified. She has never been a casting couch victim and this is exactly what it appears she has done.

Lewis on the other hand doesn’t believe that is what she was. Yet they are unable to keep their hands off each other no matter how hard they try. Both Lewis and poppy are trying to find a way of not being scared about life. Lewis because he survived the horrors of the war and Poppy for the loss of her sister Daisy.

Lewis organises a reunion for the two sisters and along with her sisters beau Dominic I believe they lived quite happily in L.A.

I didn’t seem to connect as much with Poppy and Lewis, as I had reading Daisy and Dominic. I’m not sure why, the love scenes are hot and the story flowed well. I did find myself shouting at the book when Lewis said the USA won the war in Europe for us, which is a matter of opinion depending on which side of the pond you live. I am liking the era though and would happily read another of Ms Kayes books if she decided to set it in the 1920’s.


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