Sunday, 1 June 2014


The Undoing of Daisy Edwards

Of all the places to meet a woman Dominic Harrington meets Daisy Edwards in a police station. After a night of drinking and injecting cocaine our heroine finds herself in the last place she thought she would be.

Daisy had lost her husband during the Great War, she now finds herself hiding from herself and everyone around her trying to find something to make herself feel alive again. Nothing does, she wants so much but feels guilty that she has lived and her husband is gone.

Dominic too feels guilt over the loss of his brother in the same war, now a Lord and heir to a stately home but refusing to use the house or title as they belonged to his brother. Not him, never him he is sad and lonely. Believing his mother blames him for being alive whilst her first born son is dead. Domanic too feels that his sister is against him and as such they don’t have a great relationship when in truth he has shut his family out.

Daisy only portrays Tragic characters and I loved the references to Shakespeare and Dickens in the novel. I did have to laugh at contraception being called a preservative something I had not heard before. This is a first person story of loss and trying to rebuild lives after the horrors of the war. Both our hero and heroine are fighting against themselves and denying the attraction they feel for each other. The love scenes are hot and sensual as I have come to expect from marguerites books.

The 1920’s is an era I actually no little about and this was the first book I have read set in that era. Through all the heartache of the war to the rebuilding of loves and lives our two characters find it hard to let go of their pasts and fordge a future together. Taking one step at a time, I was taken through many emotions whilst reading this from sadness, to happiness and then wanting to shout at the characters for being so silly and wanting them to give love a chance. They were too young to give up on life.


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